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中學三年級時,我和班裡的11個同學一起去班格島(Pulau Pangkor)旅遊,整個旅程由我帶隊、安排酒店,大家玩得很開心!」


Youth Meditation testimonial - Aichang

Due to serious skin allergy, she isolated herself and refused to socialize with others. In fact, she seldom communicated with her sister though they were living in the same house.

However, today she is able to speak eloquently and confidently on stage to share about herself!
How did she regain her self-confidence to smile beautifully like a flower?
Let us listen to Aichang’s meditation story.

Below is Aichang’s meditation journey...

“I had hereditary skin allergy which was diagnosed by doctors as eczema. Since young, I had to abstain from seafood, bean related food products and distance myself from dusty areas.... However, despite how careful I was, my neck, arm and leg joints would still be filled with red spots. They were so itchy that I could not stop myself from scratching them. I would scratch till my skin started to peel and bleed. Whenever I bathed, I would writhe in pain and agony when the affected areas contacted water. I needed to see a doctor every two month. According to the doctor, there was no cure for my condition at the moment. I could only control it by eating and applying medicines externally. I had to endure many sleepless nights because of the bad itch. As a result, I was always tired and listless the next day.

I was extremely self-conscious and often felt that people were staring at me. I always lied that I was sick and regularly covered my red spots by wearing long sleeve shirts and putting on mouth masks. When I was on stage, I shivered even before I opened my mouth to speak. Whenever there were classmates’ gathering, I would excuse myself and not joined them because I did not want people to ask me about my skin….”

4 years ago, eczema started to spread to my face. I closed myself up even more.

My mother felt upset when she saw my suffering. During January of the following year, I attended the 8.5 days Health and Happiness retreat with my mother. During one of the healing session, I cried uncontrollably. Suddenly, I lost control and vomited.

“I felt much lighter on the very next day. I was full of energy, happy and light. Since then, people around me started to tell me: “Your face is not as red as before!” The surface area of itch on my thighs, arms and joints became smaller. Few months later, I do not need to see a doctor, eat or apply medicines anymore.”

During the retreat, I received a lot of inspirations from Master JinBodhi’s teachings. According to Master: “No one is perfect. Do not give up the opportunity to interact with our interesting world because of our imperfection.” I felt that Master’s words were meant for me. I thought: I should not stop myself from having a good time with my friends just because of eczema. Therefore, I decided to face my own imperfection bravely!”

When the retreat ended, I overcame myself and bravely shared my own meditation benefits on stage. Sharing before a group of close to a hundred people was something I would never dare to do in the past.

I am really very grateful to Bodhi Meditation for helping me eliminate my skin allergy to regain beauty, self-confidence, enjoy an illuminated and happy life. I no longer have any problem communicating with young children and parents when doing tutoring. In school, I am able to speak eloquently with teachers and classmates.

Now I am independent and makes my own decision.

During my secondary 3 year, I even planned a trip to Pulau Pangkor with 11 other classmates. All of us had a great time!

(Note: Effect of meditation varies according to individual)



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